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What we do

A typical scope of work of our services

The Scope of Work shall include but not limited to: quality control assurance program during stone fabrication.

The Fabrication stage includes assisting the Client in the inspections and approval of the stone panels during the fabrication period to ensure compliance with the Main Contract documents, Specifications and the range samples.


A ) Preliminary Services

-  Assist the Architect and the GC in writing or review specifications of stone work

packages and then, assist the Client with the identification and selection of stone fabricators worldwide.

-Examination of the quarry (ies) or stone

-Assist in the location of possible alternative material and assist in advising and   interpreting the stone material testing results against the specified performance criteria; then assist the Architects in the preparation of examination criteria for stone material selection and finally conduct regular meetings with the stone fabricator/quarry to facilitate proper coordination with the Architect and Contractors


B)Contracting and Design Services

-Assist the Client in preparation and examination of tender documents, as well as in finalization of all contractual documents and  also assist the Architects in value engineering activities, in order to optimize the design and detailing of stone works in terms of quality to costs ratio.


C ) Quality Control assurance program during stone fabrication

- Overview authorized laboratory testing activity for Initial Type Testing activity by stone fabricators and so identify true origin of stones.

-Conduct QC checks and inspections of the stone selection to ensure that the stone comes from sound stock in order to eliminate natural and unnatural defects, such as cracks, flaws or imperfections which will impair strength, durability or appearance

-Finally ensure that production and delivery of the stone to the job site match the approved schedule in terms of timing, priorities and any other specific instructions


D ) Quality Control assurance program during stone installation

-Conduct regular inspections on construction site to check regular assembling and installation of fixing systems, all in accordance to Specifications and design documents.

-Review “as-built” drawings, as well as O&M manuals provided by stone supplier

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