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Welcome to SMS

The company specialises in the specification and use of stone, masonry and brick as cladding, flooring and paving. We are fully conversant with both traditional and cutting edge design methods, for all types of new construction and refurbishment.

We are a well established and unique company based in Italy, providing services Worldwide.

The company's expertise is used by clients in the construction, property, ecclesiastical, landscaping and commercial sectors, where our provision of a comprehensive Professional Indemnity insurance policy is essential.

We advise Architects, Engineers, Insurance and Legal professionals, and private individuals. We can act as an Expert Witness where appropriate.

Stone Management & Services aims to solve your problems, be creative, promote the versatility of stone and to give you a first class service tailor made to your requirements.

Please take a look at our company and contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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